MobilePal 3-Coil Qi Wireless Charger Pad for iPhone 8/8 Plus/X and Samsung Galaxy Series -2A USB AC Adapter Included (Black)

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PREMIUM 3-COIL QI WIRELESS CHARGER: The most advanced 3-coil charging technology enables a larger charging area and delivers a reliable wireless charging experience at speeds up to 1A.
QI COMPATIBLE: compatible with WPC Qi 1.0/ 1.1 standards, including most flagship Android phones, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and other iPhone models with wireless receiver cases
HIGH EFFICIENCY: Intelligent charging circuit delivers high efficiency wireless charging at speeds up to 1A and low power consumption in standby mode

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Product Description

Unleash your hassle-free wireless charging experience.

Advanced 3-Coil Qi Charger
The most advanced 3-coil charging technology enables a larger charging area and delivers the best reliability of wireless charging experience.

Fullest Qi Compatibility
Compatible with WPC Qi wireless charging standard 1.0/1.1. Supports wireless charging for devices including (but not limited to):
* Samsung Galaxy Note5/S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+
* Google Nexus 5/6/7
* HTC Droid DNA, 8X
* LG G3/G4, Lucid 2/3
* Nokia Lumia 920/930
* iPhone 6(s) and iPhone 6(s) Plus with MobilePal wireless receiver cases
* Moto 360

High Efficiency
Intelligent charging circuit delivers highly efficient wireless charging at up to 1A current with a compatible wireless receiver, comparable to wired charging through USB. It also comes with complete safety features, including foreign object detection, overcharge protection, etc.

Accessories Included
A top-grade 2A USB adapter and a micro-USB cable are included to ensure a hassle-free charging experience.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Backed by 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee when purchased from MobilePal Direct. Be sure to find the official MobilePal mark to avoid counterfeits.

1) For wireless charging, your phone must have a Qi receiver. To charge at the full 1A speed, your wireless receiver must support 1A charging. Please refer to your phone or wireless receiver’s User Guide.
2) For iPhone 6(s) and iPhone 6(s) Plus, search for MobilePal wireless receiver cases, which support 1A charging, compared to 800mA or lower of most other receiver cases.
3) For best performance, use the included 2A adapter or another USB adapter that supports at least 5V/1.5A output.

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5 reviews for MobilePal 3-Coil Qi Wireless Charger Pad for iPhone 8/8 Plus/X and Samsung Galaxy Series -2A USB AC Adapter Included (Black)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve altman

    The charging pad came professionally packaged and the instructions were clear cut and concise.
    It’s a pretty simple device which enables your QI equipped device to be wirelessly charged. What I like about this product is that it comes with a two amp USB wall charger. And a micro USB cord for full hook up. Most other charging pads only come with the micro USB cord. Be aware that my charging pad turned itself off when I plugged in a 2.4 A wall charger into it. I’m sure this is the circuitry protection kicking in.

    I placed the mobile how QI charging case on my iPhone 6 Plus and placed it on the charging pad. It’s synched within one second and started charging efficiently and as quickly as my Apple wall charger would have. It’s not as fast as using a two amp wall charger on my apple iPhone, because iPhones will charge at almost 2 A if you use a more powerful wall charger.
    There is a steady blinking blue lights when there is no charging. Once it does start charging it turns green.
    The product seems like it’s built well but is still pretty much all plastic.

    I was provided with this product for free in exchange for an unbiased and fair review. I am a registered nurse and my word/trust is my reputation!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a great product in that it has a dual purpose, it is both a portable battery pack and a Qi wireless charger and I love it! It is 1000mAh which is awesome in that I can charge 3 devices at once on the go 2 with a USB cable and 1 wirelessly and reach a full charge on all of them as all of my devices are 3000 mAh capacity or below so I get a full charge on the go! If you are looking for a portable wireless charger and a portable battery pack then this is a great choice! It performs well for me and I like the having the piece of mind that if I forget to charge my devices for my commute home I have this as a backup!

    Full disclosure: I received this item in exchange for an honest review.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    Very convenient to use and it charges fast

    This MobilePal wireless Qi charging pad works for most wireless charging receiver and also the smartphones that has built in wireless charging receiver. It is made of ABS plastic which is lightweight and durable. Compared to other wireless charging pad I have tested and owned this has 3 coil which is powerful enough even you have a thick case on the phone it still going to charge it with no problem. This is rated to charge up to 8 mm wireless distance.

    This MobilePal wireless charging pad outputs 5V 1A 5 watts and based on my observation and testing it does charge fast and almost the same speed as if you will charge your phone via hardwired. I do found this wireless charging pad very convenient to use instead of charging your phone using the traditional way by connecting the charging cable to your phone with this you just simply place the phone on top of the wireless charging pad and it will charge automatically. When charging the LED indicator lights up Green and when it is not charging or if there is unsupported device it will flash Blue color.

    What I like about this wireless charging pad is it comes with its own 2A USB power adapter and micro USB cable which works best and optimized for this pad and delivers fast and smooth charging experience.

    What I don’t like about this wireless charging pad is the Blue light keep flashing when not in use and it is annoying at night and it is bright. It would be nice if there is only one tiny LED indicator light and steady or no LED at all when not in use.

    Overall, I like it except for the annoying Blue light flashing when not in use. However this is super lightweight and well made wireless Qi pad. this is perfect match for my
    MobilePal Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Case for 5.5″ iPhone 6/6s Plus with 1A Output and Tempered-Glass Screen Protector

    It is plug and play and easy to use.

    I received a sample through the MobilePal VIPRe program for a fair and impartial review.
    Hope this review helps and this review is based on my own experience and thoughts on the product.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Huong Pham

    Extremely stable wireless charger for wireless device
    – Compatible with any other wireless receiver
    – Work good and stable with same branch iphone wireless receiver
    – Light indication for easy to know
    – No setup needed, just plug and charge
    – The size is ideal cause fit all kind of devices
    – All cool black design with some silver decoration
    – High quality product with endurance material
    – 3 coil technology included
    – Make life comfortable by easy wireless charging
    – Lot of colors to choose from
    – Safety chip prevent circuiting or overcharging
    – Charging really fast without causing high heat
    – Include power adapter and cable
    No switch to turn off light when charging
    “I received a sample through the MobilePal VIPRe program for a fair and impartial review.”

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rahul Khedkar

    I have been using Samsung s6 for a long time. I knew that it charged wireless but never tried it. Man I was amazed with MobilePal’s wireless charger. I like the way it chargers as we just need to keep it on the charger without any wire and it just charges. Here below I have mentioned my findings in the form of PROS and CONS. Hope this helps you figure if this product is best for you.
    1. Wireless charger works great.
    2. Auto stop once your phone is fully charged.
    3. Large enough to cover all the charge points of Samsung phones.
    4. Will work with any wireless chargeable phone. Got iPhone wireless charger case from MobilePal which works awesomely.
    5. sleek look to complement your desk.
    6. Comes with everything you need to start charging your phone.
    1. Not a fast charge but I am ok as long as it charges my phone.
    Note: I received this product on a discount for my unbiased review.

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