Battery Case for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s – MobilePal Ultra Slim 3100mAh Charger Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Apple MFi Certified (Gold Case + Smoke & Clear Frames)

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ULTRA SLIM, STYLISH, AND PROTECTIVE: 15mm thick with a weight of 3.6 ounces. The MobilePal SlimFit Battery Case adds power and protection to your iPhone 6 or 6s without adding bulk. Included tempered glass screen protector provides enhanced drop protection.
EXTEND BATTERY LIFE: Built-in 3100mAh capacity lithium-polymer battery doubles the battery life of your iPhone. Protective smart circuit prevents short-circuiting or overcharging.
INTERCHANGEABLE BUMPER FRAMES: Two color bumper frames are included for enhanced protection and a stylish look.

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Product Description

Made for iPhone 6

This battery case for iPhone 6, offered by MobilePal, is designed for iPhone 6 (4.7”) and made by an Apple MFi certified manufacturer. This means that the product has been tested to be fully compatible with your iPhone 6 and it does not interfere with features of your iPhone 6.

Protect and Full-Speed Charge
It not only protects your iPhone but also more than doubles the usage time with a built-in 3100mAh (3.7V, 11.47Wh) battery. Just press-and-hold the power button on the back of the case for 3 seconds, and it will charge your iPhone at the full speed of 1A. Protective IC circuit avoids short-circuiting, over-charging, and malfunctioning.

Ultra Slim and Stylish
Features a slim profile of 0.61 inches (15.5 mm) thin, and 2.89 ounces (82 g) light. Interchangeable bumper frames allow you to dress up your iPhone 6 with different colors. Additional color frames are available from MobilePal.

Charge and Sync
Transforms the Apple Lightning port into a micro USB port, so you can use a standard micro USB cable (included) to charge your iPhone and the battery case simultaneously and to sync with iTunes without removing it from the case. An audio jack extender is included so that you can enjoy music with your favorite headsets.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Each battery case was fully tested individually at factory. This MobilePal product is backed with 30-day money back and 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Package contents:
1x battery case
2x interchangeable bumper frames
1x micro USB cable
1x audio jack extension cable
1x User Manual

Notes: This is an ultra-slim model, with smaller capacity and lighter weight than MobilePal MP-IP6-3500. Not compatible with 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus.

Additional Information

Weight 2.9 oz
Dimensions 6 x 2.8 x 0.65 in




11 reviews for Battery Case for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s – MobilePal Ultra Slim 3100mAh Charger Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Apple MFi Certified (Gold Case + Smoke & Clear Frames)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    S. Power

    This battery pack case is wonderful. It adds several ours of battery life to the iPhone 6 and does so in a case that protects the phone and looks good doing it. I got mine for free to test, but am really impressed with it. I’m going to buy another of these for our second iPhone 6 soon.

    + Adds a lot of battery life
    + Protects the phone
    + Is attractive on the phone
    + Doesn’t add much weight or bulk

    – 3100mAh isn’t quite as much charge as I’d like.
    – I wish that you didn’t need to think about turning it on and off.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Arkadiusz Sykula

    Great product from MobilePal, a practical every day use accessory for your iPhone 6 and also handy for traveling. It is light in weight and does not feel bulky. The design is very slim and has a slick modern look. I have the silver color, which looks great with my iPhone 6. The case itself is easy to assemble and made of durable plastic material. There is a power button on the back of the case next to 4 led lights that show the status of battery life left. The power button and volume control fit perfectly into the case and operate easily. It charges my phone very quickly and the battery life also lasts a long time. Overall, I am very satisfied with this product while using it on a daily basis.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Sarah Diaz

    I like this case for my iPhone 6. It fits great and is easy to use. It adds a little bulk but I expected that as with any battery case. It is a tight fit which makes it hard to take off the phone, but to me, that’s a good thing because I don’t want it to be loose and easily fall off. I like the gold color it matched my gold phone. I was kind of upset because it takes a while to charge and it would run out of juice pretty quick but it could of been from my overuse of it. Overall I would recommend this to anyone that needs a durable and reliable battery case. Also, I recieved this for a fair review.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Keisha Serrano

    This is the first case I have gotten to review that wasnt black!! Most black iPhone 6 cases have a rubber like coating on the outside for better grip and feel. Battery cases tend to be bulky feeling and slick in your hands, while using your phone it is easy to lose grip especially when the case doesnt include the rubber coating which tend to be non black battery cases. This company did an awesome job in design, not only does the case Completey compliment the iPhone 6 design it feels awesome in youe hands and thin compared to most battery cases. I love how the bumper that hold your iPhone into place is a darker clear, it looks so sleek in contrast with the gold. Of couse at 3100 mah this battery case will get you through a complete day of phone use with web browsing and normal to medium overall phone usage. Most iPhone 6 battery cases are only 2800 mah. The back of the case included a power button and led indicator lights that are all lit when full and of course turn off one by ine depending on charge. The border keeps your scenn from touching surfaces while setting your phine down face first. I absolutely love everything about this case period!!!

    “I received a sample through the MobilePal VIPRe program for a fair and impartial review.”

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Allan Anthony

    I am really impressed with this case. Its the first two part power case with a actual detachable gel bumper case.Its a great idea and more companies should do the same. Its protective and gives you twice the battery power. I have the gold model and the gold accents on this case is beauty at its finest. The powercase itself is great and gives me battery life like no other power case out there. I can definitely recommend this case . “I received a sample through the MobilePal VIPRe program for a fair and impartial review.”

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tony Lok

    The pictures really don’t do this battery case justice. The gold in the pictures look really glossy or artificial. But unwrapping the product, you will be pleasantly surprised, it seems to resemble a more aluminum and premium sleek finish. The color tones are appealing compared to my other battery case, which is just a standard black. Having the extra rubber frames to change the color tones is a nice inclusion. The package contents include a micro usb cable (which if you think about it is a bit confusing, since Apple takes a lightning charger), battery case, audio jack extender, and an instructional manual. However, since the battery case itself needs a micro usb connection, that’s why this was included.

    The best thing is that it came fully charged, so I was able to grab and go out and have the ability to charge my device over one full charge. Some are the specs are as follows: Input 5V/1A, Output 5.0+/- 0.25V/1A. The capacity is rated at 3,100mAh. My iPhone 6s, which I used for this product test is 1710 mAh. It has built-in security measures, such as overcharging, overheating and short-circuiting protection. The power on button can be turned on by holding down the button for about 2-3 seconds.

    The LED indicator lights will inform you about the current capacity of the battery, each representing 25%. Although, the case reminds me of the thickness of a Otterbox case, it is with good reason, because it presents you with a shockproof case that is slightly raised, so that even if you drop it, you will be reassured that your phone will not fall out from the
    case (possibly damaging your screen) and that it will still be fully functional even if dropped.

    The cutouts are a perfect fit, to accommodate the camera, vents on the bottom, lightning cable opening, volume rocker, silent option, and the power button. The opening for the silence/unsilenced option for the iPhone is a lot larger than other cases than I have encountered, and this is actually more preferred, because I have stubbier fingers, I’m able to access this port more easily.

    Product installation was pretty straightforward. Remove the rubber frames from the battery case and then insert your iPhone 6 or 6s. Since the dimensions of the iPhone 6 and 6s are practically identical, both phones will be compliant with this case. Reattach the frame and press throughout the frame to make sure its aligned and snaps on. Then power on the case from the back exterior.

    The installation process is a lot easier than my Anker battery case because the rubber frame is easier to grasp. The Anker product almost seems like it’s sealed shut with no easily accessible opening, so it makes removing the battery case more difficult. I have an iHome, so unfortunately it will not fit with the case on, but that’s an ok trade-off for me especially, since I have the ability to have 2.5 full battery lives for my iPhone 6s. I am happy with the product and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the market to extend the battery for their iPhone, but do not want to have the inconvenience of carrying annoying wires and/or power banks that may be cumbersome to carry around.

    Disclosure: I was provided with a sample product at a complimentary or discounted rate in exchange for a fair, unbiased, and honest review. I received a sample through the MobilePal VIPRe program for a fair and impartial review. No attempt was made to influence my opinion and everything I composed are 100% my own thoughts predicated on my experience with this item.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matthew Dufford

    I have used SEVERAL battery cases for my iPhone, some leave you phone bulky and weighing pretty much the same as a brick. I was super surprised to see how very slim yet protective this case truly was. Charging it and installing it was a breeze and I would recommend this to anyone. I enjoyed the fact that there is a face cover to this case as well, giving you front, back and side protection. This is perfect some aomeone who is a bit clumsy, such as myself. I was sent this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff Tran

    *I received this product for free solely for the purpose of testing and reviewing this product. All unbiased opinions are my own.

    I use my phone for so many things in a day that by the time I am ready to go home, the battery percentage would be at negative 50 if that was possible. Thanks to this great battery case, I am able to keep my phone running for the entire day. This case packs a great 3100mAh battery pack, which slightly more than many lipstick power banks. But, this power bank is better because I do not need to carry an additional item or cable in order to get my phone the charge it needs. While charging my phone, this case also protects my iPhone from drops and bumps. The frame around the phone can take a hit, and if it does end up breaking, there is an extra replacement in the box ready to go. I like that the buttons are also protected by plastic coverings, and the speakers and microphones still work through the holes in the bottom of the case.

    The installation of this case on my phone was really straightforward and simple. There is a frame that is removable on the case. In order to install your phone, first you have to pry the frame off from the rest of the case. Then, slide your phone in, and press the frame back on. It is a little more complicated than other battery cases that just slide the top off, but I think that the little extra trouble is worth it because this case holds my iPhone the best. I also wanted to point out that the headphone port is not easily accessible on this battery case (like most other battery cases). Using this case with headphone cables that have a bend in the plug requires a headphone extender cable in order to plug the cable into the phone. I am glad the headphone extender is included, because if it wasn’t, the plug of my earbuds would not be able to get into the phone. This is a very small inconvenience, but it is really easily overcome with another item that is included in the package. Overall, I really love the great quality of this case, and the battery works so well for me, so this case has earned my highest recommendation!

    I hope you found this extensive review helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read my reviews, and have a nice day!

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    keerthan reddy mala

    This is one of the best products from MobilePal that I bought in recent times. I found it very useful, mainly when I am travelling, no need to worry about charging. As the charger is integrated within phone case, there is no hassle of carrying separate extra portable charging device. It charges phone quickly. Case is also very protective.

    One delta I see with this is that the cable to charge is Micro USB Cable instead of lightening cable. I would suggest you to have charging cable to be same as the device i.e. in case of iphone it is lightening cable.

    Disclaimer:”I received a sample through the MobilePal VIPRe program for a fair and impartial review.”

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Huong Pham

    MFI iphone 6 or 6S battery case
    – MFI: no “incompatibly error”
    – Charge good and fast.
    – Slim case with perfect fit and small design
    – Do the protect job really good
    – This case build in battery very comfortable to use
    – 3100 mAh is about twice of an iphone battery
    – Build in protection for short circuit or over charge
    – Light weight but high quality material made
    – This product compatible for iphone 6 and 6S
    – Beautiful shiny smooth product with gold color and clear border
    – Easy to setup, take off and use. No software needed
    – Charging port for battery is not a lightning port

  11. Rated 5 out of 5


    The MobilePal Battery Case for iPhone 6 / 6S has a generous amount of accessories for your iPhone 6/ 6s in addition to the convenient and much needed on the go, elegant style of charging. Upon arrival, I was quickly impressed with the exterior packaging of this product with modern and very friendly design.

    As you can see from the photos below, the product includes: iPhone 6/ 6s Battery Case for charging, an Audio Jack Extender, a Micro USB Cable, two different colors of bumper frames that can be switched, 1 year Warranty, and a User Guide. Mine also came with a 0.3mm tempered glass screen protector, ultra thin screen protector, a fabric for glass care, and a wet square for screen sterilization. Like I said, very generous packet of accessories for your smart phone care! Any iPhone 6/ 6s with this care set will feel very taken care of!

    The MobilePal Battery Case for iPhone 6 / 6S is elegant, as it is minimalistic in design, and most importantly, light-weight and thin. I like that the MobilePal Battery Case is pre-charged when arrived, so that I can use it right away without having the wait for the initial charge. The MobilePal Battery Case has to be the lightest and most thin iPhone charger I’ve used which makes a big difference when I go out. I can use this product with a variety of my clutches and small bags without having to worry about my iPhone being connected to a block of battery, or the size of my phone charger being too big, or the weight too heavy. I also don’t have to worry if my iPhone cord is connected correctly for charging. In the past, with more traditional chargers including the smaller ones I’ve had cords that were too long and may get tangled in my bag with my keys and other items, or the cord not connecting correctly, and the charging didn’t happen without me knowing, or the cord start to come apart after months to a year. I don’t have to worry about fitting the weight of a battery block in my clutch, or using a cord because the MobilePal Charging Case looks like a phone case, protects the iPhone, and connects directly using Apple MFi Cert chip, making it a multi-functional accessory.

    The MobilePal Charging Case has 3100mAh reserved which stores significantly more battery power than the small tube chargers. The 3100mAh MobilePal Charging Case can charge the iPhone twice, very useful for many on the go scenarios. The multi-functional MobilePal Charging Case serves as a protective case, and with two ultra thin screen protectors that come with this product, they protect the iPhone from accidental drops and impacts. The Audio Jack Extender is complimentary with this purchase. You can still access the iPhone audio jack without it but the extender make it easy and ideal to access of the audio jack without searching for it from the iPhone Case.

    And lastly, as MobilePal has listed, compared to similar types of iPhone 6 / 6S Charging Battery Case, the MobilePal is less expensive, in a good price range for iPhone accessories. The entire packet of items also saves the user from getting a Audio Jack Extender or a screen protector. It’s nice that the product comes with two different color Case Frame Set to coordinate with your color of the day. I’m a fan of this product, and believe that iPhone 6/ 6s users will find the features I mentioned above to be a positive and pleasant experience. If you have any product related concerns during your user experience, contact MobilePal first before writing a negative or neutral review because in my experience, they have great direct client relations rep that will work to fix it! I received a sample for a fair and impartial review, and hope you find my review helpful to making your purchasing decision.

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