Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus – MobilePal 4000mAh Ultra Slim Charger Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Apple MFi Certified (Gold + Smoke & Clear Frames)

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ULTRA SLIM, STYLISH, AND PROTECTIVE: 15.2mm thick with a weight of 4.6 ounces. The MobilePal SlimFit Battery Case adds power and protection to your iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus without adding bulk. Included tempered-glass screen protector enhances protection.
EXTEND BATTERY LIFE: Built-in 4000mAh capacity lithium-polymer battery doubles the battery life of your iPhone. Protective smart circuit prevents short-circuiting or overcharging.
INTERCHANGEABLE BUMPER FRAMES: Two color bumper frames are included for enhanced protection and a stylish look.

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Product Description

Designed for iPhone 6 Plus

This battery case is designed for iPhone 6 Plus (5.5”) and comes with comes with an original Apple chip. It has been tested to be fully compatible with iPhone 6 Plus and does not interfere with any feature.

Protect and Full-Speed Charge
It not only provides full protection to your iPhone, thanks to its slim-fit back cover, bumper frame, and premium best-in-class 9H tempered-glass screen protector, but also more than doubles the usage time with a built-in 4000mAh (3.7V, 12.0Wh) battery. Just press-and-hold the power button on the back of the case for 3 seconds, and it will charge your iPhone at the full speed of 1A. Protective IC circuit avoids short-circuiting, over-charging, and malfunctioning.

Ultra Slim and Stylish
Features a slim profile of 0.6 inches (15.2mm) thin, and 4.62 ounces (131g) light. Interchangeable bumper frames allow you to dress up your iPhone 6 Plus with different colors.

Charge and Sync
Transforms the Apple Lightning port into a micro USB port, so you can use a standard micro USB cable (included) to charge your iPhone and the battery case simultaneously and to sync with iTunes without removing it from the case. An audio jack extender is included so that you can enjoy music with your favorite headsets or use Square or PayPal credit card reader.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Each battery case was fully tested individually at factory. This product is backed with 30-day money back and 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Package contents:
1x battery case
2x interchangeable bumper frames
1x micro USB cable
1x audio jack extension cable
1x User Manual
1x premium 9H tempered glass screen protector

Notes: Not compatible with 4.7” iPhone 6.

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3 reviews for Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus – MobilePal 4000mAh Ultra Slim Charger Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Apple MFi Certified (Gold + Smoke & Clear Frames)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Arun Sridharan

    My iPhone 6S Plus has become my personal and my corporate phone, so even with the built-in larger battery, I am always running low.

    The case is made of up two pieces: the main unit/battery, and a bumper or frame that snaps over your phone to hold it in place.The case is well built and is made of a hard, durable plastic. The coating is very soft to the touch, but gives it good grip when needed.

    It is pretty easy to use. First you need to take the side plate off which just snaps off. Then you place the iPhone in the charging slot, and put the side plate back over the iPhone and snap it into the case. There is a power button on the back of the case – you hold it for a second and it will turn on, thereby charging your iPhone. There is also four lights that indicate how much charge is left in the battery of the case. Charging is simple, you just plug the cases charger in the side. If you keep the battery on, it will charge your iPhone and the case simultaneously.

    Considering the iPhone 6S Plus’s battery is about 2,800 mAh, with this case on, I am getting around 120% to 150% extra battery life. It charges the iPhone just as fast as the lightning cable would, and surprisingly the battery case does not get very hot even while using the iPhone and charging the case. Charging the battery case does take longer than it takes to charge the iPhone, but not by much – about 2.5 hours to charge from 0% to 100%, which is very good.

    As far as drop protection, I have not yet dropped the case, so, I can only assume based on it build material, that this 2 part case very capable of saving my phone at the event of drops. Additionally, if you are a frequent user of your headphone port, some users may be annoyed that they now have to carry around the headphone port extender to properly use your headphones. I barely use the headphones, so it’s not a bother to me.

    Here’s why I like this.
    1. This case looks stylish, offers a decent level of protection (keep in mind that only a much thicker and bulkier Otterbox offers more protection), and is designed well. All the cutouts are just right, the volume buttons are easy to use, and the included headphone port extender (common in waterproof cases and battery cases) makes it easy to connect any headset.
    2. It’s easy to take your phone in and out of this case since there are two halves that come apart. That’s a critical feature because I tested other battery cases where it was impossible to remove my phone except with a crochet needle.
    3. There are four battery indicator lights on the back of the case to show the battery charge level. Once you put your phone into a charged case, your phone starts charging. The case itself is easily charged with a Lightning cable.

    1.) Battery life is excellent with the case attached, easily getting more than double the life of my 6S Plus.
    2.) Charging is done via microUSB 2.0 now. And USB 2.0 lighting cables are lot cheaper than Apple’s original lighting cable.
    3.) Lip around the screen means you can put the phone face down and not hurt the screen. Good!
    4.) Easy-to-see LEDs to check case battery life at a glance.
    5.) Charging over micro USB charges both case and iPhone 6S Plus simultaneously.
    6.) Apple MFi Certified
    7.) The vibrate switch on the side of the iPhone 6S Plus is still easy to access with the case on. All other buttons are fully-accessible covered buttons, which work 100%.
    8.) All edges of the phone are covered so drops on a phone corner shouldn’t damage anything.
    9.) I love that it’s a very slim build despite all that it brings. It’s sleek and fits nicely in your pocket without being too bulky. Looks attractive on the phone with its beautiful design and construction
    10.) Turns your bottom firing speaker into Front Firing SpeakerS.
    11.) Clear transparent and Smoky black finish frames/bumbers included in the package

    1.) Its not compatible with full screen tempered glass protectors, but its not a big deal, with normal screen protector this case fits very good

    Bottom line: Looks good, designed well, works effectively, and is reasonably priced for what you get.Overall, despite a few very small reservations, this is unquestionably an excellent case, and a great product. My rating for this case is 4.85 stars out of 5. Though, I received this as sample through the MobilePal VIPRe program for a fair and impartial review, its Highly recommended.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    T Lok

    The iPhone 6 Plus is pretty slim dimensionally. However, my main gripe about the phone is that it’s so large sometimes and adding any additional casing that is thick could render it cumbersome to carry around. However, the MobilePal designs their battery case to be as slim as possible, so that you have the functional purpose of prolonging your battery life while enjoying the sturdy protection of its rugged casing.

    We’re using the gold version of the iPhone 6 Plus and the gold exterior and interior crafting of the case looks sleek and elegant. It’s more considerably a matte finish over a glossy, which I feel adds to its classy value. The lightning connector inside is MFi certified, so you don’t have to worry about updating to the new OS and having the case be rendered incompatible. The iPhone 6 Plus’ battery life is 2915mAh and the battery case is 4000 mAh. This translates into about 1-1.5x extra battery life because of the case. My girlfriend is able to get through maybe 2 days without having to charge. Because of the case, she ends up using her phone non-conservatively by streaming media, and practically using every application for it, but she still doesn’t have to charge her phone for about 3-4 days.

    There are safety precautions built into the device to prevent short-circuiting, overcharging and overheating, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your device. The frames are interchangeable, so that you can change the color based on your mood for the month/day etc. Having customization with the design of the phone really makes the phone’s casing more attractive. The full-body protection from the case really ensures that even if you drop the phone at any angle or have it rub against some rough sharp object, it will keep your iPhone looking flawless. From the tempered glass screen protector that comes included as a bonus, it really complements the solid construction of the case from every nook and
    crevice on the phone.

    Unfortunately, to use the audio port, you need to use the audio jack extender because the design of the battery case causes it not be accessible without an extra attachment. However, this is an acceptable trade-off especially for the perks from this device. The charging process funnels through from the case to the phone directly through a micro USB cable. It will prioritize the charge for your iPhone first and then resort to charging your case secondarily.

    A simple quick press of the power button on the back enables you to check the current battery status remaining on the case. Holding it down for 2-3 seconds enables the battery case to activate. Charging rates remained the same even through the case and I would definitely recommend this case for anyone that overuses their device and has to constantly recharge their phone daily. The sturdy protection and the prolonged use of the battery really makes this a no-brainer.

    Disclosure: I was provided with a sample product at a complimentary or discounted rate in exchange for a fair, unbiased, and honest review. No attempt was made to influence my opinion and everything I composed are 100% my own thoughts predicated on my experience with this item.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    This battery case offers solid protection for the iPhone 6 Plus. The case charging will provide over a full charge (and more). This is important to me as I don’t like having to plug in my phone during the day, often times not having the option to do so.

    As much as I like the iPhone 6 Plus, I’ve never been a fan of how thin it is. This battery case brings everything to an ideal weight, thickness, and feel. I like how the bumper is more of a rubberized material as the majority of the case is smooth.

    I received a sample through the MobilePal VIPRe program for a fair and impartial review.

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