MobilePal Qi Wireless Charger Receiver Case for iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus with 1A Output and Full Cover Tempered-Glass Screen Protector (Gold)

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QI COMPLIANT: This Qi wireless receiver case utilizes a TI chipset with a large coil and is compliant with WPC Qi 1.0/1.1 standards.
1A CHARGING: Charge at 1A with appropriate Qi charger. 1A charging speed is equivalent to the charging speed via the Apple Lightning cable and Power Brick.
ULTRA SLIM WITH SUPERIOR PROTECTION: Elegantly matches the style of your iPhone 6(s) Plus. A blue LED indicates active wireless charging status, and a full cover tempered-glass screen protector provides enhanced protection.

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Product Description

The most futuristic way to charge your iPhone 6 Plus, with style, speed, and full protection.

Protection with Built-in Qi Wireless Charging Receiver
This premium case not only protects your iPhone 6 Plus with its TPU back cover and 9H hardness tempered-glass screen protector, but also allows you to charge your iPhone wirelessly.

Qi Standard Conforming and Fast Charging
The built-in Qi wireless receiver with TI chipset is compatible with any standard Qi wireless transmitter (sold separately), and can charge your iPhone 6 Plus at 800mA in 3 to 4 hours without overheating, comparable to wired charging.

Convenient One-Hand Operation
Simply put your iPhone on top of a Qi wireless charging pad with one hand to start charging. It is convenient and saves time when you are working, driving or on the go.

Ultra Slim, Stylish and Protective
Full-cover screen protector, semi-transparent bumper frame, and elegant back cover match the style and beauty of your iPhone 6 Plus, without adding bulk. A blue LED light indicates the charging status.

Foldable Connector
The Lightning connector on the case is easy to unplug, so that you can charge or sync your iPhone with iTunes using a Lightning cable without taking off the case. The connector is durable and has undergone rigorous bending tests.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
This MobilePal product is backed with 30-day money back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty.

Package Content
* 1x Qi wireless receiver case
* 1x tempered-glass screen protector
* 1x User Guide

Note: Qi wireless charging pad is needed (not included) to charge wirelessly. Not compatible with 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

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4 reviews for MobilePal Qi Wireless Charger Receiver Case for iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus with 1A Output and Full Cover Tempered-Glass Screen Protector (Gold)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rahul Khedkar

    I always wanted to have a wireless charging capability for my iPhone. Finally I found a solution with MobilePal. I have been using MobilePal external battery pack but have been using the QI charging capability with my Samsung phone. Just Wow a whole new way to charge my iPhone is a great idea. Here below I have mentioned my findings in the form of PROS and CONS. Hope this helps you figure if this product is best for your.

    1. The case is well designed.
    2. Great way to charge you phone. It charges once you place the phone in case over the QI charger.
    3. Good openings for mute button rest all the buttons are covered.
    4. I was able to use my BOSE 3.5 mm plug while the case was ON without any issues.
    5. The connector fits perfectly closed and does not feel that its not a part of the case.
    6. So the power port is closed to protect from dust. If you need to charge the phone with an external wire, its easy to remove the plug and use an external wire.
    7. The speaker ports has a good cut-out.
    8. Don’t forget that this case has a FREE 9H hardness tempered-glass screen protector.

    1. The iPhone with the case should be placed exactly at the center of the QI charging base. The entire case is not a conductive charger. So a little inconvenience but not a big thing.
    Note: I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    T Lok

    I’m sure the rage is now wireless charging especially because you see at plenty of Starbucks with that new modern type of wireless charging, where you only need a USB and the compatible PMI charging area. I’ve been a great advocate for wireless charging because I originally had the Note 4 and had the wireless charging capability, using it in conjunction with my Tylt.

    I’m using MobilePal’s intuitive designed wireless charging power bank, which has a charging receiver within the power bank itself. Combine that with their wireless charging receiver case, which after thorough testing is stable, reliable, and does not lose connection if you move it out of place. The
    package also comes with a tempered glass screen protector as an extra added bonus (9H hardness).

    The technical specs for the product is that the case is able to charge at 1A output. The case is functionally built, slim and fits the iPhone 6 Plus perfectly. There is a blue LED light that comes on when a successful wireless charge takes place. The foldable lightning connector appeared to be flimsy to be at first. But upon careful examination, it’s meant to be more flexible, so that you can remove and insert the connector easily.

    This is such a convenient product for me because my outlet is rather far for me and normally I have to charge my phone overnight to get it to full capacity. Putting the wireless charger on my bedside, and just laying it on top of it really makes wireless charging more accessible.

    The design of the case is constructed with TPU material surrounding the phone and then has a plastic back to give it some personality. Overall, I was happy with the fashionable design the case, the ease of removing and inserting the lightning connector, and the wireless functionality of the device that really makes life more convenient especially if you tend to lose cables.

    Disclosure: I was provided with a sample product at a complimentary or discounted rate in exchange for a fair, unbiased, and honest review. No attempt was made to influence my opinion and everything I composed are 100% my own thoughts predicated on my experience with this item.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Arun Sridharan

    Once again similar to many of MobilePal’s excellent products, the item arrived in a nicely sealed package. Case works well and fits my iPhone 6S+ perfectly. I haven’t had any issues charging it and have used two different Qi charging stations so far. The case is itself a thin and slim fit case gives decent amount of protection to the phone. With the inclusion of FULL screen tempered glass protector it actually provides a great amount of protection to the phone.
    I don’t have remove my case and then remove my port socket to connect the data cable for syncing, I can directly do that with case on. That for me is The Highlight of this case!

    * Stylish and Sleek design
    * Ultra thin case, provides decent amount of protection, case covers all corner including edge of glass.
    * The charging receiver is very flat and thin at the back with USD connector at bottom.
    * Very easy to remove USB connector from phone without removing the case.
    * Qi standard compatible
    * Full screen Tempered Glass is very easy to install
    * Overall the case and full screen tempered glass provides excellent protection

    I was happy to see MobilePal touch on improvements on this case. The combination of their excellent customer service along with the quality products they are producing pretty much nails this product to perfection.

    It is certainly the best and safest way possible at the moment for Wireless Charging. I would definitely recommend this product.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Huong pham

    Slim wireless charging receiver for iphone 6 plus or 6S plus
    – Fit perfectly iphone 6S plus
    – Light weight and ultra slim
    – Easy to use, assembly, and charge
    – Beautiful design with high quality made
    – Standard apple voltage and Amp:5V 1A
    – Support good at charge and protect
    – The plug is flexible so easy to use
    – Blue LED indicator is very useful
    – Temperature is acceptable when charge and storage
    – Compatible with all Qi charging pad
    – Work excellent as advertised
    – There is no extra lightning port
    – No option to turn off the led light
    “I received a sample through the MobilePal VIPRe program for a fair and impartial review.”

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Q: Do you have to use the tempered glass screen protector with the case? Will the phone be loose without the screen protector on the phone?
— Asked by DeJay Berger on April 8, 2015
A: You don't have to use the tempered-glass screen protector with the Qi wireless charging receiver case for iPhone 6 Plus. The screen protector was included in the package for added protection of the screen of your iPhone in case you drop your phone, so we do recommend you using it if possible.
— http://MobilePal%20USA

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