MobilePal ProofFit 1.7-Inch Headset Audio Jack Extender for iPhone and Android with Gold Plated 4-Pole 3.5mm Connectors (Chrome)

VERSATILE: Made for devices with 3.5mm (1/8 inch) headset audio output, including iPhone and Android smartphones; Works with headsets and headphones with or without volume controls. Also supports 3.5mm credit card readers such as Square Readers and PayPal Here.
SLIM DESIGN: Extends the reach of any 3.5mm audio input or output. Ultra-slim front barrel fits most phone cases. Ideal for slim cases.
GOLD PLATED CONNECTORS: Provides maximum conductivity and prevents corrosion; Allows consistent signal between components using high-quality copper.

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Product Description

Made for iPhone and Android Devices
Made for devices with 3.5mm (1/8 inch) headset audio jack, including iPhone or Android smartphones and tablets, to extend the reach of any 3.5mm headset or headphone.

ProofFit™ Ultra-Slim Head-End Barrel
It’s head-end barrel has the same diameter as that of the original Apple EarPods headset and is short. It is ideal for shockproof, lifeproof, and waterproof cases (such as OtterBox etc.), and does not extrude out as much as the SureFit model.

Gold-Plated Connectors and Nickel-Coated Pure Copper
It’s gold-plated connectors and contacts provide maximum conductivity and prevent corrosion. High-quality pure copper construction allows consistent signal between components, while being ultra-strong and durable. Works with headsets with/without volume control, and also with credit card readers for smartphones, including Square Readers, PayPal credit card readers, Bank of America MobilePay readers, Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment readers, etc.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
This MobilePal product is backed with 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime manufacturer warranty.

1. This high-quality product is distributed exclusively by MobilePal with limited lifetime warranty. Beware of low-quality counterfeit products sold by other sellers.
2. The ProofFit model is not for battery charger cases. Use the SureFit model for battery cases instead.
3. This metal audio jack extender is not a toy. To avoid accidents, keep it away from small children.

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