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5/5 Stars.

Great product. I used the Mophie before and chose to go with the MobilePal as the Mophie was super heavy and clunky. I have been really happy with this product. The case is sleek and not overwhelming and the extended battery lasts all day!

Niki R. - Amazon Customer August 21, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

This case is amazing. My battery lasts about 2 days with it (iPhone 5S) and when it gets low, I press the button in the back and it gives my phone a full charge. For less than 1/2 the price of the Mophie it's definitely a great deal."

Jennifer K. - Amazon Customer September 2, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

Similar product to the more expensive Mophie which surface peels & looks awful only shortly after use. I've been quite satisfied with this one.

Karin L. - Amazon Customer July 14, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

The unit is attractive and slim. The phone slides into a case the frame goes on top snaps into place. This was awkward at first. The other units I had before all slid vertically apart. But this does fit together well. If you use the headphone jack it is a very tight fit even with

Richard G. - Amazon Customer July 23, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

This case is for an iphone 5s. It fits the phone perfectly. It adds just enough heft to make the phone feel nice and solid in the hand. The charger function is easy to use, and I love that we now plug her phone into micro-usb for charging, since we have a ton of them

Michael K. - Amazon Customer August 28, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

I did not think this would work as well as it does...pretty amazing, really. I have always used Anker charging gear, and I have generally felt that Qi wireless charging is a rather useless gimmick, but this thing has converted me. Works perfectly to recharge my family's LG G2, LG G3, Nexus5, and Nexus7. I

Glenn J. - Amazon Customer October 24, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

This is the second one of these cases purchased for my family. It's a good value.

Stray C. - Amazon Customer September 15, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

The case is great. I like it better than the Mophie case that I had but can no longer charge because the inside wires somehow are damaged & do not stay connected to the charger, This one cost 50% less than Mophie & does the same thing with less weight.

Sandra F. - Amazon Customer July 4, 2014 November 17, 2014

Amazon Customer Feedback

5/5 Stars.

A+++++++++great seller!!

Lisa C. - Amazon Customer June 30, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

No complaints with either MobilePal or Amazon. Even though we did not contact the seller, we received 2 emails from MobilePal; the first was to give us have additional information on shipping while the second was to ensure that our expectations were met. Great customer service and you feel that they really care about your

David L. - Amazon Customer 9/29/14 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

Love love LOVE it! Just as good as a Mophie but half the price. Still charging away, holds a 3 day charge on my iPhone. And it's pretty, I've had tons of compliments! And arrived in plenty of time for my departure, so thank you VERY much!

Bonnie C. - Amazon Customer July 23, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

Excellent item, fast shipping, item as described, would do business again, recommended seller!

Jose R. - Amazon Customer November 5, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

Wonderful product ever made. I've been using it for about a week. I have no complaints and everyone in the office like the design and slim portability of this battery. Great product! I love it! Keep up the great work MobilePal USA. Like to say Thank you to all of you at MobilePal USA! My

Antonio C. - Amazon Customer October 30, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

Got this item so quickly! Arrived 1 day prior to expected delivery date. Works great!

Jeannel P. - Amazon Customer November 15, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

Called them as the first case I received was not working with my iphone, they quickly sent a replacement and a return envelope. Very happy, great customer service.

Arthur P. - Amazon Customer August 3, 2014 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

I had a problem with this item. I called the Supplier and unfortunately had to leave a voicemail and there was no live person. However, they promptly called me back and replaced the item. They were extremely courteous and responsive and I recommend this seller.

Ron & Chris E. - Amazon Customer October 6, 2014 November 17, 2014

eBay Customer Feedback

Great seller. Product as promised. Super fast shipping!! Will deal with again.

eBay Buyer gab*** June 2014 November 17, 2014

thank you for a great transaction!! super fast shipping, item as described!! a++

eBay Buyer gsx*** February 2014 November 17, 2014

Shipped within 30 mins of purchase and got it the next day. A+++++++ transaction

eBay Buyer f1y*** October 2011 November 17, 2014

Accurate description of item. Fast delivery. Seller highly recommended. A+A+A+!!

eBay Buyer kam*** October 2011 November 17, 2014

5/5 Stars.

Great seller.fast shipping and item as described

eBay Buyer jav*** October 2011 November 17, 2014

Works great fast shipping I'm really happy with it .I would definitely recommend

eBay Buyer jor*** October 2011 November 17, 2014

Very Fast Shipping, Very Nice Packaging & Exactly as Described too!! Thank You!!

eBay Buyer her*** May 2014 November 17, 2014

Excellent seller. Would deal with time and time again. Very responsive

eBay Buyer gab*** September 2011 November 17, 2014