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Wired or Wireless: MobilePal Second Generation Technology satisfies all of your mobile charging needs

Clear the clutter

Clear the clutter

The most obvious benefit to wireless charging is to eliminate needless cables from your life.  With a Qi wireless charging pad and a compatible Qi-enabled mobile device, you can do just that.  However, even this method is not truly wireless.  Since the Qi wireless charging pad requires a power source, you will still have to contend with at least a single USB cable routed to a power supply; not exactly portable power.  MobilePal has created a portable power bank with a built-in Qi wireless charging pad for a 100% cable-free charging experience.  With this feature, the MobilePal Gen-2 Qi Power Bank sets itself apart from the overwhelming number of power banks that have flooded the market.


The MobilePal Gen-2 Power Bank features an internal rechargeable lithium-polymer battery with a high 10,000mAh capacity.  When using this power bank/charging pad with a Qi-enabled device, the only time you will need to use a cable is to charge the power bank itself.  Once charged, it functions as a high-capacity, ultra-portable Qi charging pad with no need for any wires or cables.  With a Qi charging speed of 1A, it is comparable to wired charging with a wall outlet.

With Samsung including Qi capabilities on nearly all new smartphones and an entire aftermarket of Apple iPhone Qi add-on cases and adapters, this wireless power bank becomes an indispensable part of your travel needs.  The Gen-2 was designed with the iPhone in mind, and is compatible with MobilePal’s full line of iPhone Qi Receiver Cases.  This lineup now includes cases for the iPhone 6 and 6s, iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, and the iPhone 5/5s/SE.







MobilePal Qi Case for iPhone 5/5s/SE (Coming Soon!)


MobilePal Qi Case for iPhone 6 and 6s


MobilePal Qi Case for iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus


While wireless charging is convenient and fast, the Gen-2 Power Bank also allows you to charge the traditional way; Two 2.1A output smart USB ports enable you to quickly charge 2 devices via USB cable, while one Qi-enabled device can charge simultaneously on the charging pad.  The Gen-2 includes a 2-in-1 cable that functions as both a traditional micro-USB charging cable or an 8 pin Apple Lightning cable, ensuring compatibility with virtually all Android, iPhone, iPad, and other USB-rechargeable devices.  The Gen-2 Power Bank can also function as a desktop charger when left connected to a USB power source of at least 1.5A output.

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The MobilePal Gen-2 Qi Power Bank offers some additional features to further set it apart from the competition.  Both USB ports feature intelligent circuitry, which can automatically detect the optimal charging speed for any connected device.  In addition, both USB ports can operate at a maximum output of 2.1A, while most other power banks on the market only feature one “fast” charging port, while the other port is traditionally only capable of 1A output speeds.

With speed on our mind, the MobilePal Gen-2 also features a 2A input for recharging the internal battery.  This means you can use any USB power supply with an output of 2A to recharge the power bank.  This allows you to recharge this large-capacity power bank in half the time it takes competing models which only support 1A charging input.  The 10,000mAh capacity provides ample power for your power-hungry devices.  Factoring in the MobilePal Gen-2 industry-leading efficiency of 75% or more for wired charging, and over 70% efficiency for Qi wireless charging, a fully charged MobilePal Gen-2 Power Bank can deliver (in wired mode) up to 3 full recharges* for an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6, and up to 2 full recharges* for the Samsung Galaxy S7.  

Don’t leave home without it!

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*Total number of recharges is an estimate which depends on several factors including the condition of the mobile device’s battery, apps that may be running in the background, or other services that may consume power while recharging.


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