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People use their iPhones now more than ever.  In fact, iPhone users use their phone more than anyone.  According to a study done by the NPD Group in 2013, iPhone users consume an average of 1.12 gigs of data per month.  That is nearly 200mb higher than Android users, and both are at all time highs and growing each year.  What once required a slew of clunky components can now be accomplished on a device that comfortably fits in your hand.  They can even make phone calls, too.

With all this power miraculously stuffed inside such a sleek and slim device, there is only so much room for the internal battery.  On the current iPhone 6, the battery size is a rather paltry 1810 mAh.  If you have a 6s, it is even smaller at 1715 mAh.  For the iPhone 6 Plus, the battery is larger at 2915 mAh, but is tasked with powering a larger, more potent device.  Apple has done a commendable job of maximizing the efficiency of the iPhone, making the most of the smallish battery capacities.  However, if you’re a power user, or just addicted to Candy Crush, you may find yourself quickly running low on power.

Sure, you can simply charge the phone, but you aren’t always near a power source.  Plus, using the device becomes a bit uncomfortable while it is tethered to a charger.  Thankfully, there is a simple and elegant solution: a case with a built in battery.  This power case does double duty as a phone protector, while supplanting you with extra power wherever you go.  A good example is the MobilePal SlimFit Battery Cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.



As an example, with the regular iPhone 6 SlimFit Battery Case model, the iPhone’s power is increased by around 170% utilizing an internal 3100 mAh lithium-polymer battery.  So, how does it work? The power case is equipped with an MFi certified Lightning connector.  This is important, as many battery cases available for the iPhone 6 do not use a certified chip, which can result in an error message or no charging at all.

Using the battery case is simple.  Your iPhone 6 slides into the battery case, and securely onto the Lightning connector.  A frame then snaps onto the case, providing your phone with power and protection with its’ slightly raised lip, and a wide variety of interchangeable color frames.  The rear of the battery case features a single button in addition to 4 LEDs.  When your iPhone battery is running low, you simply press and hold the button, and the battery pack will begin to recharge your iPhone.  The LED lights indicate the amount of charge remaining in the battery case, in 25% intervals.


Perhaps one of the best features of this case is that the case converts your iPhone from a Lightning connector to a micro-USB.  This means you can charge and sync both the battery case and your iPhone using a common micro-USB cable, instead of the standard lightning cable, which can sometimes prove hard to find on-the-go.

What can this extra power do for you?  Well, a battery case of this capacity will increase your talk time by as much as 14 hours.  It will increase your ability to browse the internet by nearly 10 hours, and will increase video streaming time by as much as 15 hours, depending on video quality.  That’s a lot more Netflix and Candy Crush.



If you’re a frequent traveler and rely heavily on your iPhone, this can prove to be an invaluable accessory.  Power and protection merge to create the perfect addition for your iPhone.


You can find the MobilePal SlimFit line of iPhone 6 Battery Cases here:


MobilePal SlimFit iPhone 6 and 6s 3100 mAh Battery Case

MobilePal SlimFit iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus 4000 mAh Battery Case

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