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Apple kicked off iPhone 6 and 6 Plus pre-orders two days ago. This year marks the first time Apple is releasing two new flagship smartphones, and the iPhone faithful are wrestling with a big decision: Should I pick iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

The key question boils down to the following: Do you want to get a bigger display and a camera with optical image stabilization, or you are more comfortable with one-handed use or have a small hand or pocket?

VentureBeat suggested the following tips regarding the selection of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which we mostly agree:

  1. Have small hands? Unless you’re used to big screen phones, it may be too tough to adjust. Get the iPhone 6.
  2. Do you already have trouble fitting current iPhones into your skinny jeans? Get the iPhone 6.
  3. Do you need to use your phone with one hand a lot? Get the iPhone 6.
  4. Do you take your phone with you while exercising? Get the iPhone 6.
  5. Do you need the best possible camera? Get the iPhone 6 Plus.
  6. Do you watch a lot of movies on your phone? Get the iPhone 6 Plus.

For four out of the six scenarios above,  one might prefer iPhone 6 over iPhone 6 Plus.

However, last but not the least, is the battery life the most important factor to you? The answer is probably yes for most of us. iPhone 6 Plus boasts significantly longer usage time than iPhone 6: about 20% longer on internet use and 27% longer on video playback.

Should you sacrifice the first four factors above to get an iPhone 6 Plus instead? Absolutely not! Because there is an alternative for you to get the best of both worlds. You can get the iPhone 6 with a battery charging case for it. These cases would protect your iPhone 6 like regular cases, and at the same time they would more than double the usage time of your iPhone 6. This solution would put the battery life of iPhone 6 Plus to shame. Most importantly, you won’t need to worry about your iPhone 6 go out of juice at critical times.

MobilePal will bring to our customers three stylish battery cases for iPhone 6 on Amazon and eBay in October. These battery cases will be based on further improvements of our best-selling battery charging cases for iPhone 5/5S/5C. Stay tuned!

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